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Business trips with a driver

Door to door service saves time and costs. You can order a car that will pick you up at home and take you to the exact location of your choice. No need to travel to the Airport or railway station, waiting for your flight or train, check-in and customs controls. You just get picked up, sit down and the journey can begin. There is always a small refreshment as a special attention for you whenever you book a ride.

Travelling from the backseat of a car is a dream.. you can work, listen to your favorite music, watch the running landscape outside, or have a good nap. You can travel around the Czech Republic to various places. The car with the driver is waiting for you all the time and is at your disposal, so you don´t have to rush and you can fully concentrate on your activities.

Also when travelling abroad, this service is very convenient and in some cases even faster than air travel. For example: to Vienna, Bratislava, Berlin etc..